I work with a variety of healing modalities to facilitate deep energetic shifts and restore your sense of balance and well being. You can either select from the options below, or let me decide for you—or we can simply chat and see where that leads.

All sessions are conducted remotely over the phone or internet and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Book now.

Active Dreaming

Has a dream been trying to get your attention? If you have been experiencing a potent dream, such as a nightmare or recurring dream, chances are that it holds within it a gift of healing for you. In an active dreaming session, I’ll be your facilitator and guide as we journey into your dream and interact with the characters of the dreamscape to retrieve what it has to offer. Any dream from any time may be explored.

Soul Medicine

The deepest shifts can happen in an instant—don’t let the length of a session fool you! This is powerful shamanic medicine that may include energy healing, clearing and extraction, soul conduction, power/soul retrieval, and messages and guidance. In this mode, you would be a passive recipient while I journey for you. Remember that healing is ultimately an inside job and must be consciously integrated. A take-home assignment may be given for you to further unpack what you have received.

Unpacking Insights

You will have the opportunity to share what’s on your mind afterwards. Speaking out loud is often helpful in unpacking and landing insights received during a session, bearing in mind that some of the most potent insights are beyond words and are lessened by verbalizing. In the latter case, it may be more helpful to sit in silence with an image or a feeling to allow it to percolate and imprint on your system. Please schedule a 1-hour session for topics requiring in-depth discussion.

Wheel of Life

Where and how can you optimize your life? What are you neglecting? During this 90-minute session, I will energetically guide you through a series of questions related to different areas of your life (health, money/finances, love, friendship, etc.). As we delve deeper into the psyche with each successive question, you will be able to articulate lessons, learnings, and next steps that will help you navigate your way through life’s little and big challenges, and empower yourself to create supportive internal and external structures to manifest your best and most authentic self.