Only love can heal

We find stories of star-crossed lovers in myth and legend all over the world. It is clear that romantic love isn’t just a modern Hollywood invention to sell more movies. It is a motif that is deeply ingrained into our psyche.

These lovers and their stories have something to teach us and a deep wisdom to offer. 

In the new age world, we hear a lot about the twin flame relationship. Some say these are souls that were once joined as one and are now split asunder — with the task to some day come back together in wholeness and union. Long ago, Plato described such souls and, more recently, so did Edgar Cayce.

Perhaps I don’t necessarily believe in the conjoined souls idea: I certainly do not believe we are half, or that we get just one shot at love. But I do believe in a special kind of soulmate, a mirror soul who incarnates to play a very special purpose in our lives — and that is accelerated growth and awakening. That is what I believe twin flames are.

The magic of romantic love

Love is a force like no other, an unleashing of power beyond your wildest imagination.

Amazing things can happen when you are in love! You are raised into such a level of bliss and possibility that things that have been bothering you for a long time can finally shift. Just imagine the giddiness and pure joy that being in love brings. The intense presence in every moment with the Beloved. The inability to think or breathe anything but the essence of the Lover. This is the ultimate expression of divine madness that can be experienced through the magical evocation of the “twin flame” or mirror in human form.

As blissful as it is in its purest cosmic form, it is also the most painful experience your ego will ever have. It goes deep into levels of your soul you have never before experienced. It unearths things you have buried so deep into your subconscious, you have no hope of uncovering them through any of the usual methods and practices.

We get a taste of its ultimate expression during the honeymoon of bliss. And then the obstacles appear that must be battled one by one, layer by layer, until there is nothing left but the pure bliss of love and devotion.

The mirror relationship promises nothing and demands everything. This is no ordinary encounter. It is the most profound depth of healing you can achieve while in physical form. 

—–The following channeled section is energy encoded—–

Beloved, expand into your cosmic self to know the true meaning of human love 

This is an initiation into the mysteries of what you call romantic love, the sort of all-consuming love that desires nothing more and nothing less than to merge completely into the beloved.

And so you can also imagine by the same token, it applies also to a soul’s longing for the divine and human relationship with God, the source of all truth joy peace wonder awe and magic.

The source of love and light, the heart opening, the crown opening, the opening of sight and vision, a portal to being cosmic, into becoming cosmic.

It is the transmutation of the kundalini energy, sexual energy, that deeply roots us into life and the transmutation and the raising of that energy into that which is transcendental, that which transcends life.

And this is the ultimate mystery of romantic love, which is the raising of the sexual awareness into the heart, it is the descent of the cosmic soul into the heart, it is the explosive meeting of these two energies in the heart, and then the expansion from the heart in waves into the entire energy field that expands, that pulsates outwards from it with waves of love, of healing, of transcendence.

It is a level of healing and transmutation of samskaras, a clearing of the energy field at the very deepest levels.

—–end of transmission—-

Working with your triggers

Twin flames or mirror souls trigger one another at a level of pain, insecurity, and fear that reaches into the deepest childhood wounds, and uncovers every trauma from this life or any other. You will never feel more naked, stripped down to your very core. This is why it is near impossible for these lovers to stay together, or perhaps even get together. It may be too much for them to even be lovers as sex unleashes intense energies and cording of its own. Nonetheless, whatever they are, it is a strong bond and a role of immense significance.

This is not a toxic relationship, nor an abusive one, but it can feel disorienting and chaotic because it is an intense mirror shining all your hopes and fears back at you, in the form of the horror picture show that you appear to be when in the throes of the distorted circus mirror of your deepest self loathing. 

This is why you run.

This is why you scream.

This is why you sob like there is no tomorrow.

And then when you are done feeling and releasing, you realize, your beloved never intended all the things you projected on to them. You recognize the depth of your delusion, the distortions you project on to your reality.

And they shift with you. As you heal yourself and raise your vibration, they heal and raise up as well. Your energies are perfectly and vulnerably matched and intertwined. 

It is an incredible opportunity 

A unique gift

But what will you do with it?

Will you heal?

Or will you be consumed by fear?

Will you hold on or let go?

Your guides and angels are standing by to help you. This relationship is divinely guided and gifted, and you will have all the support you need — just listen for it.