Take a deep exhale

A channeled message of hope during a time of despair

Not all people are good no, not all people can be saved.

Yes… take a deep exhale. Because… miracles.

Miracles are possibilities, they happen all the time.

I am here to give you hope. Hope when the walls rise up in every direction, and trap you inside, when there are no doors, and no windows. For those times, I am here to tell you to take a deep exhale and expect miracles. 

When there seems to be no way out and everything seems dark and cloudy and it feels like the end of the road, and there are only two possibilities: the road either goes on or you die.

It is just for those times, that I give you this hope: if you’re still breathing there is something for you to do here, and if you make your life about always contributing something then you will always have something to apply yourself to.

When I said, not all people can be saved, not all people are good, I meant, yes, help people around you, but be picky about who you help, and who you make friends with. Be picky about who your really deep close friends are, picky about the company you keep, picky about the influences you allow, who you give your love to, and what you let into your life.

What do you eat?

What do you consume?

What do you allow to hurt you or change you or destroy you?

You do have choices. What you choose to consume, what you choose to expose yourself to, the risks you choose to take, the part that you choose to play — these are all choices that are in your hands. 

You are not here to suffer. 

Yes, here is some suffering that is beyond your control. 

Every life has a little bit of suffering, some lives have a lot. 

But we can soften the suffering with our attitude to not grow hard in the suffering. I’m not here to tell you you can avoid suffering. We are here to do hard things and some of those hard things are not by choice. We are here to do hard things, the hard things that we put in our way, we are here figure out how to do them well, how to be strong and open hearted. 

What is strength? Strength is mental and emotional strength, to not fall into despair or depression, to keep going, keep loving, stay in integrity. Keep an eye on the bigger picture, to have a good attitude.

Remember how our job here is to not add to the suffering, to remember that our job is to bring the miracle vibrations into the world, into our lives and the lives of the people around us. Our job is to bring the good vibrations and as long as we can tune into the sun the sky the rain flowers trees there will be a balm for suffering, something to soothe us.

Tamam shud.