Usually if I’m feeling uneasy about something I’ve been dealing with, after the session it’s completely shifted.”  Michall

What you have buried deep inside you is the key to your freedom.

Through techniques designed to access deeper levels of reality we can begin to peel back the layers and unlock the essential self within.

When you book a session, you can either select from one of the options below, or let me decide for you, or we can simply chat and see where that leads.

Soul Medicine

The deepest shifts can happen in an instant — don’t let the length of a session fool you! My primary modality is to act as a medium for shamanic medicine that may include subtle body surgeries (clearing, extraction, repair), reconnection and reintegration, as well as healing of past life and family contracts. Come prepared with a clear intention that you would like to receive assistance with. Follow up steps may be required to properly integrate the healing and maximize the benefit received.

Active Dreaming

Has a dream been trying to get your attention? If you have been experiencing a potent dream, such as a nightmare or recurring dream, chances are that it holds within it a gift of healing for you. In an active dreaming session, I’ll be your facilitator and guide as we journey into your dream and interact with the characters of the dreamscape to retrieve what it has to offer. Any dream from any time may be explored.

Wheel of Life Coaching

Where and how can you optimize your life? What are you neglecting? Are there skills or expertise you need to develop? During these candid consultations, we will review your current situation across the core areas of your life (health, money, love, community, purpose, faith, etc.) to develop a step-by-step plan to create the supportive internal and external structures you need to manifest your best and most authentic life. A self-coaching workbook will be provided to work with between sessions.

Certification Course in Egyptian Alchemy

Initiation into the Divine Feminine with Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, and Ma’at

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Certification course in Egyptian Alchemy, Temple of Isis at Philae