Certification Course in Egyptian Alchemy

Initiation into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine with Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, and Ma’at

In the annals of human history, few civilizations have captured the imagination and curiosity quite like Ancient Egypt. Yet, despite the grandeur of its pyramids, the intricacy of its hieroglyphs, and the enigma of its rituals, the true origins of Egypt’s esoteric traditions remain shrouded in mystery. The inevitable march of time has obscured much of what remains, and unraveling its meaning requires a blend of scholarship, intuition, and reverence. Nonetheless, within these remnants lies the potential to unlock profound insights. It is within this context of reverence and exploration that we shall journey together to reclaim and rekindle the wisdom of Egypt’s ancient mystery traditions.

Join us starting on August 8 for a 12-week initiatory journey into the mysteries of the divine feminine oriented around four powerful neteru of the Egyptian tradition: Isis, Sekhmet, Hathor, and Ma’at.

certification course in egyptian alchemy of the divine feminine

Course overview

This certification course is an introductory level exploration of Ancient Egyptian alchemy through the lens of the divine feminine, focusing on the transformative energies of Sekhmet, Isis, Ma’at, and Hathor.

Each class will spotlight a different goddess, exploring her attributes, story, and symbolism. Through a combination of guided meditation journeys to sacred temples, breathing and embodiment practices, journal prompts, readings, and discussions we will deepen our connection with the goddesses and activate their energy for healing and spiritual growth.

At the end of our journey together, you will make an offering to the goddess of your choice in the form of an original essay, slide presentation, painting, song, poem, or other medium of your choosing. We will close with a celebration ceremony to express our gratitude and joy in receiving the blessings of divine healing and transformation.

Why choose this course?

🔮 1:1 and group support: Benefit from 5x individual sessions for healing, activations, and Q&A, to be used at your discretion during the course, plus a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar path of growth and expansion. 2-hour group calls held every other week.

🔮 Transformational journey: Embark on a holistic voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Weekly journal prompts within a private Facebook group foster deeper reflection and integration to aid your progress.

🔮 Certification: Receive a Certificate of Completion in Egyptian Alchemy of the Divine Feminine at the end of the course.*


Course dates: 8/8/2024 – 10/31/2024, group calls every other week

Location: Zoom

Investment: $888
($444 without 1:1 support)

How to apply

To ensure the right fit, a short application form and 30-minute interview are a pre-requisite for admission into the course. Class size is limited to 5 participants.

*Attendance at all group calls and a final submission will be required for certification.

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