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“Shanti is an incredibly intuitive and profound healer and teacherShe helped me discover my inner powers of alchemy.” Rebecca

The Journey Continues…

If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual understanding, I am happy to share with you what I have learned and assist you in your own development. My own path and influences can be gleaned from the (short) list of teachers/teachings below that I have personally found to be profoundly authentic and useful in furthering my own progress. For the most part, my philosophy can be summed up in the words of Samuel Sagan: “See for yourself, know for yourself.”

I look forward to growing with you!

Study with me.

Certification Course in Egyptian Alchemy

Level 1: Initiation into the Divine Feminine with Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, and Ma’at

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Resources for the serious seeker

The following are listed in no particular order.