Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of sessions available?

I currently offer distance healing, dreamwork, life coaching, and spiritual development. Descriptions of healing sessions can be found on the Sessions page.

What can I expect from a session?

Every session is uniquely tailored to what you need in the moment.

At the start of the session, we typically set an intention for what we are asking for help with, and then we open ourselves to receiving that help, whatever it may be. In this sense, our healing work can aptly be described as praying together.

During a session, depending on your sensitivity and the nature of the healing received, you may or may not feel something is happening. At times I may even channel healing frequencies while we are conversing. While my clients always report experiencing deep peace and relaxation during a remote healing—and many slip into a refreshing trance state during the session—there is really no guarantee that this is what you will experience as every person and situation is unique.

After the session you may feel immediate relief, or you may actually feel temporarily worse over the next few days as unconscious thoughts and emotions surface and unravel. Make sure to drink lots of water and get lots of rest during this time. It is best not to make any major decisions until the dust has settled.

How to prepare for a session

I am trying to start a business/have a baby/find a job/make more money but somehow nothing I do seems to work. Why does life always feel like such a struggle?

Sometimes we get in our own way and we don’t even know it!

It’s important to acknowledge our true feelings and desires.

As well as our real fears and inhibitions.

And beliefs about how life works.

Working with a healer as a coach can uncover some of these unconscious layers of resistance and shift our inner — and as a result, our outer — realities. Even in the midst of severe difficulty, we can tap into a magical flow of surprises and synchronicities, and regain a sense of excitement and curiosity. The challenge is facing ourselves as we really are and dissolving the illusion that we’re meant to do it all on our own.

I feel a lot of unmanageable rage and pain in my relationships—with my family, my partner, at work—and I am afraid I am my own worst enemy. I try to control myself but I am afraid one of these days I am just going to lose it. Can you help?

Many of our “unreasonable” emotions source from deep scars left over from current or past life trauma, generational miasmas, entity attachments, and other unseen phenomena that can neither be suppressed without consequences, nor can they be dealt with simply through talk therapy. True healing requires a deeper shift in consciousness that can only take place when these emotions are surfaced, transmuted, and released.

This kind of alchemical shift that can be facilitated through the “power tools” of shamanic healing and dreamwork, somatic practices such as breathwork and ecstatic dance, as well as plant medicine.

After numerous break ups and disappointments, I feel a lot of anxiety and fear when I meet someone new. I just can’t seem to relax, and I often find myself missing my ex(es). I think I am still hurting from past experiences and I self-sabotage a lot. On top of that, I feel really lonely and incomplete, and badly want to meet someone! Is this something you can help me with?

First of all, it is important to remember that these relationship woes should not be taken as evidence that there is something wrong with you! Significant relationships are no accident—they are the result of soul contracts made based on a much bigger picture. People may come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Every person you have dated had something to learn and something to teach you. Not being in a significant relationship at the moment may simply mean it is not relevant to your path at this time.

Nonetheless break ups can leave us hurting and haunted by remnants of what was and what might have been. And many patterns in our lives are karmic and keep recurring until we release ourselves from the chain of causation that can extend much further back, across lifetimes and generations. Shamanic healing can deliver powerful soul medicine to soothe your heart and womb, dissolve ancestral/soul contracts, and shift you into your power and wisdom.

Most importantly, however, being single certainly does not mean you should feel lonely and incomplete! Through a combination of coaching and healing work, we can work together to build purpose, meaning, fun, and fulfillment into your life, with or without a partner, so you can feel whole, complete and loved no matter what.

This sounds like exactly what I need and I want to work with you. But somehow life keeps getting in the way.

Believe it or not, this is extremely common! The more stubborn the block you’re intending to release, the bigger the subconscious resistance to letting it go. As our thoughts (conscious and unconscious) create our reality, so does this resistance create obstacles to taking the steps that will shift our consciousness.

This is also why working with another person who can hold space for healing and partner with you to double-down on your intention can help shift our consciousness in ways that would take years, or even lifetimes, for us to do on our own.

I’m a practitioner of yoga and meditation. Isn’t healing supposed to be an inside job?

Absolutely! But we don’t have to do it all entirely on our own!

We must participate in our own healing and awakening, but in the immortal words of Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home.”

Remember the parable of the people who couldn’t feed themselves because their elbows only bent the wrong way? The ones who were in hell were forever tortured by the amazing food they would never taste, but in heaven there was revelry because they were feeding each other!

We can do for each other so much more than we can do for ourselves.

The mind is very slippery.

Asking for help is a wise choice when the help is freely given. And the ability to receive freely brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Together we can greatly accelerate our progress.

I’ve always been an overachiever but recently I find myself becoming tired for no reason, suffering from bodily aches and pains, and developing all sorts of allergies and sensitivities to food, people and noise. I feel so frustrated that I can’t do all the things I used to—can you help me?

In my life I’ve noticed that the people who have the hardest time slowing down—the over-givers and overachievers who never ask for help—are often precisely the ones who end up in health, emotional, or financial situations where they have no choice but to slow down, rest, and ask for help. In fact, this was me in 2012.

If this is you, you are used to dealing with challenges head on, and will give your all to find a solution, and get your life back.

The irony here is this is the exact opposite of what the universe is trying to show you. It may seem crazy to you, but it’s actually okay to let go of the need to control every detail of your life. It is okay to ask for help and let yourself receive, let others show you they care, let the universe carry you for a while. It is okay to rest and flow and allow, to trust that even without your careful planning and calculated effort somehow projects will get done, difficulties will resolve themselves, vacations will be fun, and other people will do what they need to do and learn what they need to learn in their own time.

It is in fact when we surrender and let go—when we stop trying—that the miracle occurs.

Take a deep exhale…

(And yes I can also help you make peace with your situation and offer tools and techniques for managing fatigue, pain, and sensitivity.)

What if I sign up for a session and it doesn’t work?

Great question!

When we approach any spiritual practice with an “outcomes”-based intention, we are already in the wrong ballpark! Anything and everything we do where we seek the assistance of a higher power is subject to the knowledge and perspective of that power that far exceeds our own limited view of what is best for our souls and in alignment with our soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

The best we can do is to hand over the problem and request help, trusting in the best possible outcome, whatever that might be.

Something always happens. It just may not be what you were expecting.

I have cancer. Can you heal me?

In spiritual circles, intense adversity is often referred to as the fast track to enlightenment. Only the bravest of souls choose such a path. Cancer, like many other chronic or terminal illnesses, is a difficult and painful journey that calls for immense courage and even greater reserves of inner strength and faith.

When we set the intention for healing, we will be asking for assistance that is the highest and the best for you. What that is, I do not know, and it may or may not have any visible outcome in the material sense. Perhaps you will get the physical healing you seek or perhaps you’ll get the strength and perspective to deal with what lies ahead. All we can do is pray for assistance and surrender our resistance to receiving it.

I would invite you to approach our healing session with peace in your heart—the peace of fullness, of joy, of love, of knowing you are that Oneness, you are not the body, you have so much help in the higher realms (if you would only open to receive it) and everything you have laid out in your path is purposeful and for your own awakening.

How is what you do different from energy healing or Reiki?

From my point of view, pretty much all new age healers are similar in the sense that they partner with the spiritual realms to channel healing frequencies, deliver messages, etc. However, a healer may have different strengths in terms of clairs or perceptual abilities, and varying degrees of understanding of what exactly they are channeling. Some may have studied within a particular tradition or mystery school, while others may have been born healers, or connected to their healing ability through a spontaneous awakening. There are also differences in potency.

As such, every healer is unique and adds their own “flavor” to what they have to offer.

At a basic level, most healers are able to bring through a pleasant vibration. Many energy healers will operate at the level of clearing your aura or balancing your chakras using their hands, smudge, pendulums, or other tools. A more advanced practitioner can help release spirit or entity attachments, perform surgery and repair on the subtle body, retrieve soul powers and gifts, reconnect you to your guides, integrate rejected aspects of the self, transmute past life samskaras, deliver messages and guidance, etc. Most healers will have a variety of tools in their toolkit.

Connections to certain potent forms of healing energy, such as Reiki, were initially received by a master healer or a shaman, and passed down through an unbroken lineage from teacher to student. The student/apprentice is expected to undergo many years of their own inner work and healing in order to become a pure conduit for the energy. Studying in close proximity with a master, or within a mystery school or tradition, can be very beneficial for deepening natural abilities and furthering development. Many yoga lineages, for instance, involve a transmission of energy (shaktipat) from the guru to accelerate the student’s progress.

Healing frequencies may be transmitted through mantras, visualizations, invocations, symbols, music and sacred geometry, or simply received by visiting a healing sanctuary or natural vortex. What and how much is received is highly individual and very much dependent on how the recipient resonates with that frequency and if it is relevant to what they need.

Many healers (like me) have trained and practiced in a variety of modalities, studied extensively to deepen their understanding, and received initiations from multiple teachers and lineages.

Ultimately you are the judge of whether or not a particular healer is for you. How do you feel in that person’s presence and what results did you experience?

I’ve always been attracted to spirituality and the occult and I am intensely curious about the things you are talking about. But I’ve only ever dipped my toes in the water. I’m afraid if I dive in I’ll be wasting my time, or losing my mind, and that it’s all made up.

Congratulations! You are ready to wake up!

Intense curiosity is a very good sign.

A healthy skepticism will serve you well on your journey. Just don’t let it overpower you from learning anything at all. Never take anyone else’s word for something, check in with your intuition, seek your own experiences, put things to the test.

Here are a few steps you can follow to cultivate the seeds of awakening.

  • Commit to integrity in thought, word and deed. Embodying integrity will allow you to develop keen powers of discernment: the ability to see through that which is not in integrity.
  • As much as possible, still the mind, speak the truth, and open your heart. Constantly ask: How would love see this situation? How can I be of help here? Dedicate your life to the benefit of all beings.
  • Practice silence. Eliminate unnecessary speech.
  • Do not indulge in overthinking, self-pity, blame or censure. Intercept habitual and circular thoughts with mantras or affirmations. When distressed by your perceptions, ask, “Is this really true?” If you find yourself going over the same arguments over and over, without getting any closer to a conclusion, pause and remind yourself, “You are not going to think your way out of this.”
  • Practice following the nudges from your intuition. Even if makes no sense, just do it. Practice this every day. Every hour, tune in to your intuition and ask: “What shall I do next?” Watch your life transform into deep flow as surprises and miracles become everyday occurrences.
  • Challenge yourself to face your pains and your fears. Look them in the eye, allow them to intensify and then watch them dissolve. Learn to sit with discomfort. Allow your stories to unravel and uproot them at their source. Hold yourself in a bubble of love. Allow yourself to feel and to cry.
  • Support your body with plenty of nourishment, movement, fresh air, sunlight, and rest.
  • Give up judgement: both of yourself and others. Be fully present in the moment, in all your interactions. Speak less, listen and observe more. Develop humility and self awareness. Put love and respect first. Everyone has something to offer, a part to play, and struggles you don’t know.
  • Monitor your progress. Keep a record of synchronicities, all the fear you have released, and all ways you have shifted and grown.

Collect the evidence diligently until you satisfy your mind.

Would you rather spend your life wading in shallow waters or do you want to swim in the deep ocean?

Study with me


Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify!

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden