What Others Are Saying

“I’ve experienced incredible shifts during the shamanic healing sessions with Shanti and have noticed great changes in myself after. During the session, I fall into a deep relaxation and I experience memories and visions. After the session I feel new and refreshed. Usually if I’m feeling uneasy about something I’ve been dealing with, after the session it’s completely shifted. I’ve been working with Shanti for a couple months and wow, looking back I’ve changed so much in so many great ways!”

Michall, engineer and spiritual life coach

“I want to say thank you so much to Shanti for the meditation and spiritual coaching she has provided me. I was all over the place with my goals and frustrated with some of the projects I was working on. After a few quality sessions, I have found my clarity and have begun working on the right projects that will lead me forward in my career and life. I would recommend anyone who is looking for more fulfillment out of life to seek her counsel. Your life will be greatly improved.”

Gualter, real estate mentor and investor​

“Shanti can pinpoint the issue that is concerning me even when my own thoughts are swirling in my head as she is the perfect balance of modern savvy and traditional wisdom. She has given me the best advice on matters, such as children, even when other mothers cannot, as she understands the deeper spiritual aspect of each person.”

Nacchal, physician and mother of three

“Shanti is a skillful guide whose generous heart shines through in everything she does. With great compassion and patience, she created a safe space for me to reach within and explore the dreamscape. Thank you, Shanti, for always lighting the way and being the wise and caring soul that you are.”

Sue, health and wellness coach

“Shanti is a natural healer with a deep maternal sensibility. I felt deeply held.”

Cathy, non-profit director​

“Shanti is an incredibly intuitive and profound healer and teacher — meeting her was a blessing! She helped me discover my inner powers of alchemy: I was struggling in a relationship and, with her help, I was able to turn it around and make it thrive, while also learning about myself and growing in the process. She heals powerfully through words and also energetically through meditation, images, touch, and sound. If you have the chance to work with her, snatch that chance! She might change your life, like she did mine!”

Rebecca, multipassionate creator​

“Although I had little faith in what I always saw as new age mish mash, when I was hurting the worst I have ever hurt in my life and when I was on the brink of falling into what felt like a bottomless hell pit of depression, Shanti was there for me. Not only is she a super smart Ivy League grad of physics, she is an amazing listener. Somehow she figured out the issues that hunted me and I still don’t know exactly what she did in our healing sessions, but she healed me. So whoever you are and whatever might have brought you here, trust that you are in the right spot and that she is the right person to help you, as she helped me.”

Ben, biomedical engineer​

“Thank you thank you so much for counseling us — besides the energy work, of course! It’s so unburdening when someone gets you like that. Your voice itself could lift anyone’s spirits. I have no words…. bless you.”

Mother and daughter dealing with inheritance matters

“Shanti is one of few certified yoga intructors with the deep knowledge, profound understanding, and seamless application of the content, context, spirit, and potency of the practices. She strives to live the life of which what popular culture calls “yoga” is only one expression, as she is continually working on herself, pursuing practical and conceptual training, reflecting on her experiences, and serving those around her.”

Farinaz, public health fellow

“Just wanted to let you know that I have been consistently practicing meditation in the mornings and am feeling much better. When distressing thoughts come to me, I am able to acknowledge those thoughts and move on. Thank you for being there for me and my wife. We are on our path and you helped in so many ways — I am feeling purer day by day!! Thank you ?.”

Dr Jim, dentist​